It’s a Wonderful Life for Mohan, Who Was Once Called the “Unluckiest Elephant in the World”

After nearly 50 years in captivity, Mohan—once called the “World’s Unluckiest Elephant” by Indian media — celebrates his first Christmas at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura.

Mohan the elephant received a “jumbo-sized” stocking filled with elephant treats to celebrate Christmas at the Elephant Care and Conservation Center. Indian media had once christened Mohan the “unluckiest elephant in the world” based on a long history of captivity with an abusive owner. According to the Times of India, “Decades of overwork, abuse and neglect had left him with severe psychological trauma as well as physiological ailments, which are evident from the countless scars and puncture wounds across his severely malnourished body.” After almost two dozen court hearings, the “unlucky elephant” was finally granted a new home at a wooded sanctuary run by preservation group Wildlife SOS. Now he is recovering from a lifetime of abuse at the center devoted to rehabilitating severely mistreated elephants

Mohan’s rehabilitation includes daily veterinarian treatments, baths, and long walks. It also includes introducing him to what the group calls “enrichments,” which feed his curiosity and challenge his thinking while providing nutrients. The 5-foot-long stocking, while a very nice holiday gesture, is really an enrichment in disguise. In a video prepared by Wildlife SOS, Mohan can be seen tearing into the stocking with the gusto of young child, certainly not the “unluckiest elephant.”

Happy holidays, Mohan!

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