Female Author Breaks Into Man’s World of Military Suspense

Jessica James is honored with a Gold Medal by the Military Writers Society of America for MEANT TO BE, a novel that combines espionage and special ops warfare to illuminate the dedication of our military, and the honor and sacrifice of our soldiers.

The Military Writers Society of America has awarded bestselling military fiction and romantic suspense author Jessica James a Gold Medal for her 2015 release Meant To Be.

Called “a love letter to the American military,” the novel has been lauded by both men and women for its suspenseful and poignant plot. It also won the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf award, a Bronze Medal in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards contest, and was a Finalist in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year contest.

Meant To Be starts on the sun-swept beaches of Ocean City, Md., and ends in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. Combining military suspense, patriotism, and romance, the novel tells the tale of two people who meet by chance on the beach and find their lives intertwined in a way neither one imagined.

One active duty military member described it as, “American Sniper but intertwined with an unforgettable, epic love story,” while Publishers Weekly, the industry’s leading trade journal, called it “an endearing page turner,” and “sweetly sentimental and moving.”

The main character in the novel is a special ops soldier who is pushed to new limits when he discovers the person he most wants to protect is the one risking everything to make sure he survives. In its review, Readers’ Favorite called it a “love story that portrays honor and devotion to the call of duty. Captivating and mesmerizing.”

James has been compared by some to other bestselling suspense/thriller writers, including Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and James Patterson. She is also the author of four award-winning historical fiction novels and a three-book thriller/suspense series: “Deadline” (May, 2016), “Fine Line” (August, 2016), and “Front Line” (January, 2017).

James’ books have hit No. 1 on Amazon in a number of different categories (Christian historical fiction, military romance, war fiction, military thrillers), and can be found in more than one hundred libraries, including Harvard and the U.S. Naval Academy.

Although the plots of James’ books span different eras, all have the same central theme. By weaving the principles of courage, devotion, duty, and dedication into each book, she attempts to honor the unsung heroes of the American military–past and present–and to convey the magnitude of their sacrifice and service.

Jessica James books are available at internet retailers and bookstores everywhere. For more information, visit Jessica James’ website. Readers are encouraged to contact the author to read “the story behind the story” of Meant To Be.

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