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In Diamond Mash, players must scan a diamond-filled gameboard, and drag individual diamonds in order to match three similar gems in a row. The fun, visually stunning and addictive new game is available at no cost from the App Store & Google Play.

Match-3 fans who are fed up with downloading games only to end up deleting them within minutes because they’re predictable, buggy, or just plain boring, can now head to the App Store or Google Play and check out a new release that is refreshingly original and exceptionally fun: Diamond Mash.

Available at no cost and created by Groenewold – new media e.K., Diamond Mash is simple to understand but tough to master. The goal is to help the game’s mascot — an adventurous bear — scan a diamond-filled gameboard, and drag individual diamonds in order to match three similar gems in a row. The matches can be made vertically or horizontally, and there are a variety of diamonds in different colors and shapes.

Early levels are fairly easy, and allow players to get familiar with the gameplay, layout and scoring system. However, as the levels increase, so does the degree of difficulty – which is why Diamond Mash never gets boring. There’s always a new and unique challenge ahead.

In total, there are more than 100 levels to unlock, and each level has a target score and a specific number of moves in which to reach that amount. For example, the target score for level one is 100, and there are 5 moves available. Plus, gamers can get some help along the way by using a variety of potent power-ups, such as: adding extra moves, switching diamonds that don’t match, swapping a diamond’s color, and destroying a bunch of diamonds.

Furthermore, players need to think strategically, because matching 3 similar diamonds removes them from the board — which means that diamonds from the row above fall down, and new diamonds are added to the gameboard. In this way, it’s possible for skilled players to generate multiple matches and score hundreds or even thousands of points with a single brilliant move.

Other special Diamond Mash features that have earned the app 5-star reviews from impressed players around the world include:

  • Outstanding graphics with sharp colors and attention to detail.
  • The option to share score with friends and challenge them to see who’s the best.
  • Excellent music and sound effects (with optional mute).
  • Ongoing updates that are offered at no cost.

“People around the world are saying that Diamond Mash is the most fun and exciting match-3 game that they’ve ever played!” commented Björn Groenewold of Groenewold – new media e.K. “It delivers hour after hour of fun, and never get boring or predictable. Plus, we’re always adding more features and updates to keep things interesting and creative.”

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