UChat App Catches Fire Among Teens, Surpasses One Million Downloads

UChat is an iOS application where students can instantly stream live and chat with other students at their school. They can join group chats around campus, watch live broadcasts and even talk privately with classmates and people nearby.

UChat, a live chat app for students, is catching fire on high school campuses across the nation. The app, which has only been available for a few months, just surpassed one million downloads as its popularity steadily flourishes.

Developers, Jeffrey Lee and Arthur Gonzalez, are both very excited about their creation. UChat is a live communication platform that allows users to connect in real time, and express themselves in a multitude of ways, depending on how they feel at the moment. Live streaming is available, group chats can be created with a few swipes, and users can easily post to their school’s story feed, allowing them to communicate with the entire community. However, as Lee explains, one of the most popular features is the twist UChat put on private chats, “Of course, UChat supports direct messaging, but there is also a really cool feature where you can simply tap a button, and we’ll instantly connect you with someone from your school to chat with privately, which users are having a lot of fun with.”

Rapid growth in the beginning stages of release caused the UChat team to shut the app down for retooling in an effort to rework UChat’s scalability. “We thought we had something special on our hands, and we knew it’d be popular, but we had no idea it would create this type of demand. So, we took the time and modified, retested, and modified. We did the work,” says Lee.

Since unveiling UChat in the app store, the team has received 12,000 requests to add schools to the app’s database. “We’ve had 1,100 requests in just the past week. We’ve been working 20-hour days; it’s been crazy! We’re both proud and amazed at the growth of UChat,” says Gonzalez.

So, what’s next for UChat? “At the moment, our core demographic is high-school students, so we are looking forward to expanding into the college sector in order to grow our user base even further,” Gonzalez explains.

Due to its rapid growth, the UChat team is in the consideration process of bringing on investors. The team has received numerous inquiries from interested parties, but wanted to bring the app to fruition themselves before taking on investors. Gonzalez explained, “We’re getting close to that point. We’ve taken UChat pretty far on our own, but soon we’ll need funding to compete in a larger market. Those 20-hour workdays can only take us so far.”

UChat is available for download on iTunes. An android version is currently being worked on and is scheduled to be released shortly.

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