Metro MediSpa Helps Patients Achieve Their New Year Weight Loss Goal

January is known for making resolutions. Metro MediSpa offers 5 weight loss tips to help you meet your goals.

 Metro MediSpa

Metro MediSpa

Metro Medispa is the leading HCG Diet Center in Wilmington North Carolina. Connie Odom, MD is a board certified physician specializing in weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Odom has been helping patients lose weight using the HCG Diet Protocol.

“Most Americans set weight loss as one of their New Year’s Resolutions,” says Dr. Odom, “however, unfortunately 95% of people fail to succeed. My mission is to provide patients with a simple way to meet their goals and that fits into their lifestyle.”

Dr. Odom has some tips for her patients that turn their resolution into a reality.

1. Be reasonable. It’s tempting to set a hardline and declare “no more chocolates” or “I’m never drinking beer again” but this only leads to binge eating later on. A more realistic plan would include cutting down on such foods, not eliminating them.

2. Drink Water. When you drink water you’re not just replacing empty calories with something fresh and clean; you’re preemptively taking action for a desensitized hypothalamus (the part of the body which controls thirst). As we age, the signals for thirst become less apparent so drinking the proper amount of water keeps you healthy and hydrated.

3. Pick Protein. For older adults, protein is an often untapped source for weight control. Dr. Odom suggest an intake of 30 grams per day because protein can help increase muscle growth and decrease cravings. The reduction in cravings is particularly helpful if a person loves to eat carbs.

4. Stretch it out. As we age we need to be aware of our flexibility. That means developing a daily stretching exercise to increase flexibility helps with mobility and overall physical fitness. Moving and feeling better leads to a more active lifestyle and can make keeping fit a lot easier.

5. It is the mindset. Finally, don’t let others tell you that gaining weight is a part of getting older. That’s simply not true. Your lifestyle and your health are a product of your choices. Keeping the body fit and controlling weight is attainable by following the same dietary and healthy steps as always.

Life gets better as we age. We can become more confident and comfortable in who we are. There’s no reason not to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle too. The long-term benefits are fruitful as physical health is directly linked to emotional and mental health as well. Controlling weight and choosing a healthy meal plan can lead to prosperous years well past our 60s and 70s. So enjoy the holidays and look forward to an even better 2017!

95% fail at there new year resolution

“Most Americans set weight loss as one of their New Year’s Resolutions, however, unfortunately 95% of people fail to succeed.

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Owned and operated by Connie Odom, M.D., Board Certified Anesthesiologist and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Certified Physician. Metro MediSpa has changed the way cosmetic procedures are performed by introducing the first medically directed mobile spa in the Southeast.

Through anti-aging medicine along with advanced cosmetic treatments, our experienced team of medical professionals is committed to bring the beauty of an improved appearance and an inner age defying wellness to all.

Motivated by the belief that health and wellness affects all areas of one’s life and having the knowledge in safe and effective cosmetic treatments, the staff at Metro Medispa can help people correct imperfections that had become uncomfortably noticeable.

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