Delaware Surgeon Performs Innovative Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure

Dr. Isaias Irgau, from Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery, is the first medical doctor to perform the newly FDA Approved Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution – AspireAssist in the Delaware Valley and the Greater Philadelphia area. The FDA has approved the newest non-surgical advancement in Weight Loss procedures called AspireAssist.

Dr. Irgau is proud to be the first in the area to be offering this groundbreaking procedure. Patients on average can expect to lose about 40% of their excess weight in the first 6 months! Dr. Irgau is a leading bariatric surgeon and the president of Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery.
The Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery (CHRIAS) is a premier surgical practice that specializes in providing advanced surgical and nonsurgical services with a focus on minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and excellent patient care. Dr. Irgau performed the first Aspire Assist procedure today, January 13, 2017, at the American Surgery Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Irgau expresses his enthusiasm when stating, “I am really excited to be able to offer an additional minimally invasive tool in the fight against obesity.”

This quick, 15 minute procedure, involves placing a thin tube in the patient’s stomach that connects the inside of the stomach directly to a discreet button on the outside of the abdomen. After eating a meal, a small device, enables the patient to empty, or “aspirate,” up to 30% of their meal into the toilet through this tube by connecting the device to the button. Once desired weight loss is obtained, the tube can be taken out or remain in place indefinitely. This unique AspireAssist Program includes physician follow up and monthly nutrition counseling.

To schedule a consultation and learn more about this procedure, call our office – (302)-892-9900.

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