Read for Free, Or Close to It, With New Kind Kindle eBook Finding Service


Soma Studios, and Kind Kindle founder, Greg Rzeczko, announce the launch of Kind Kindle is an original eBook finding service that allows users access to affordable reading through their Kindle device or app.

“Reading is such an important tool for learning, for others it’s an escape. There are so many readers out there who spend lots of money on their reading habit. I wanted to build a resource that would let those people read and still afford groceries,” said Rzeczko when asked why he built Kind Kindle.

Kind Kindle users can search for free eBooks and eBooks under $1. Kind Kindle algorithms then crawl through all of Amazon’s listings in search of eBooks that meet each user’s unique requests and price point. Kind Kindle also allows users to browse through thousands of eBooks in a wide variety of genres. Readers can sort results by customer ratings, allowing for easy access to top-rated eBooks. Titles included in the Kind Kindle library range from new novels from indie writers, to cookbooks and how-to selections, along with classic literature, and a variety of other options.

The December launch of Kind Kindle included the announcement of monthly raffles for readers. Users can enter to win a $100 Kindle Store gift card. Additionally, they can share the contest details via social media for a chance to win a Kindle. Winners are chosen on the 15th of each month. Rzeczko said, “Most people who seek out free books probably think reading is fun, but we wanted to make it exciting. Our monthly raffles are like the cherry on top – an extra perk that will brighten the winner’s day.”

While it’s convenient to have access to a Kindle or Kindle-app-enabled device, users can read directly from their computer. Kind Kindle users can download the app for their smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC via, and interested parties can get access to a variety of Kindle devices through the Kind Kindle site.

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